About Kristopher Watt
Kris' Grandfather
William J. Watt
Kris started playing the Great Highland Bagpipes at the age of 13. He has had many significant influences and teachers. Kris gained the majority of his Piping influence from Pipe Major Robert Fraser of Winnipeg as well as Pipe Major William J. MacLeod of Pine Falls Manitoba.
For the past 20 years Kris has played at many social and high-profile events. These include:
  • the World Curling Championships (Winnipeg, 1991);
  • the Pan Am Games;
  • events for Prime Ministers;
  • events for Premiers;
  • weddings;
  • memorials;
  • birthday parties; and
  • many other special events.
With his feet firmly planted in the art of the Great Highland Bagpipe, Kris is proud of his Scottish Heritage. His Grandfather was a piper in the 7th Battalion Gordon Highlanders in World War I. Kris’ Grandfather was a notable piper of great stature. Many of his tunes have been published in the Gordon Highlanders Collection, the most famous of these tunes being the Lament for John F. Kennedy. Kris has also followed in his Grandpa Watt’s footsteps with his composition that was recorded on the “Our Canadian Troops” sound track in 2009.
Kris' years of experience and passion for bagpiping continue to grow over the years. As a devoted family man, he knows what it takes to make any event special and memorable. By hiring Kris, you don't just get a piper; you get a professional whose melodies make the memories that last a lifetime.